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Project: 88,000 LF of Cleaning & Televising Off-road Access Sanitary Sewers
Location: Penn Hills, PA
Cleaning & Televising Off-Road Access Sanitary Sewers

Insight Pipe Contracting cleaned and televised 88,000 LF of 8”-54” sanitary sewers in remote locations throughout the municipality. The off-road sewer lines, some extremely remote, were accessed by specialized cleaning and televising equipment.

Project: Multiple-Year Maintenance Contract
Location: Upper Arlington, OH
Sanitary And Storm Sewers Maintenance Contract

Insight Pipe Contracting was awarded a multiple year maintenance contract to clean and televise over 120,000 LF of sanitary and storm sewers throughout Upper Arlington. The project was completed ahead of schedule and helped the client maintain a highly functioning sewer and storm sewer system.

Project: Force Main CIPP Lining
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Force Main CIPP Lining

Our experienced team was contacted to help rehabilitate a 20” ductile iron and steel force main just upstream from the client’s treatment plant. The force main crossed over a small creek and was suspended underneath a Norfolk Southern Railroad bridge, making the rehab even more complex. To dig and replace the buried part of the failed line and replace the pipe suspended under the bridge would have significantly interfered with railroad operations and would have been extremely cost-prohibitive. Our team was able to install a fiberglass-reinforced liner that could comfortably withstand the force main’s 45 psi operating pressure in order to rehabilitate the failing pipe.

Project: UV Lining Under a Major Highway
Location: Cambridge, OH
UV Lining Under A Major Highway

Insight Pipe Contracting was contracted by the Ohio Department of Transportation to rehabilitate a 42” storm pipe underneath I-70 outside of Cambridge, OH. Due to limited access at the upstream end of the pipe and a stream and pond at the downstream end, UV-cured CIPP was an ideal solution. Additionally, the extreme depth of the pipe under the interstate would have necessitated an extremely thick liner design. The fiberglass-reinforced UV liner helped to significantly reduce the design thickness. Insight Pipe Contracting was successfully able to reline the 583 LF storm pipe in just 14 hours and without any disturbance to traffic or the surrounding environment.

Project: Twin Culvert Lining in an Environmentally Sensitive Area
Location: Lehigh County, PA
Twin Culvert Lining

Approached with the problem of rehabbing two culvert lines in an environmentally sensitive area, Insight Pipe Contracting was able to find a safe and effective solution. The twin 42” CMP culvert pipes carried a small stream that fed a river with abundant aquatic life. In order to protect the wildlife, the project engineer and environmental authorities needed a minimally invasive solution. Our team was able to manufacture and install a double polyurethane coated liner with non-styrene resin. The double layered polyurethane coating allowed Insight Pipe Contracting to drag the liner into place, reducing the need for water inversion and thus reducing the environmental impact to the stream. Both liners were installed, cured, and completed in just one day onsite.

Project: Fiberglass-reinforced CIPP Lining
Location: Moon Township, PA
Fiberglass-Reinforced CIPP Lining

Insight Pipe Contracting was selected to perform 60,000 LF of 8” sanitary sewer lining. For this project, the client desired a stronger liner with greater flexural strength properties. Insight Pipe was able to utilize the Premier-Pipe USA “Tech Liner”, a fiberglass-reinforced felt liner, to deliver the client a liner with increased mechanical properties all while utilizing safe and efficient air inversion and steam-cure CIPP methodology.

Fiberglass-Reinforced CIPP Lining

Insight Pipe Contracting lined 5,200 LF of sanitary sewer utilizing the Premier-Pipe USA “SB Liner”. The SB Liner utilizes a proprietary styrene barrier coating that completely contains styrene within the liner, preventing odor migration. This allowed Insight Pipe to satisfy the customer’s desire to reduce styrene emissions to a negligible PPM (parts-per-million) reading while still employing standard CIPP steam-cure installation procedures.