Insight Pipe Contracting as been providing video inspection services since 1989.  Throughout the years, the company has televised thousands of miles of pipe ranging in size from four inches to 120 inches in diameter.  Insight Pipe televises an average of 500,000 LF of pipe a year.

The company accomplishes this by utilizing the latest closed-circuit television (CCTV) technology available.  Cameras provide documentation of the televised pipe using pan and tilt lenses.  A mainline camera can also launch an auxiliary camera into a lateral service connection for inspection.  Insight Pipe Contracting utilizes WinCan and Granite software to provide its customers with detailed inspection reports.

Hundreds of municipalities, industrial companies, and commercial businesses are familiar with Insight Pipe Contracting because the company’s CCTV services provide a practical means for detecting inflow/infiltration problems, locating lateral connections, locating pipe size changes, locating break-in-connections, and analyzing structural defects.

Take a look at our video on Lateral Service Inspection Using the LETS Camera:

All of Insight Pipe Contracting’s CCTV operators are highly trained and certified by NASSCO through their Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP).